Tuesday, August 2, 2011

An introduction!

After careful consideration and due deliberation (both unlike me) I've ventured on to this platform to blog about what I think and feel (which I don't as often as I'd like to but do nonetheless).

This blog is going to receive posts periodically and will contain all sorts of things I encounter in life. Including what I work on, which includes my businesses calcuttawalks.com and walksofindia.com. My love for Calcutta and India is only surpassed by my love for travel - be it geographically or historically. Unearthing small hidden nuggets of information from the annals of history - specially the living continuing history - is a passion I have successfully converted into a business.

As a relatively 'good' Muslim I have to follow the basic tenets which include 'no alcohol' and 'halal' food only. Being of Rajasthani stock gives me access to the Marwari language and culture while at the same time being born and brought up in Calcutta makes me an honorary Bengali - and gives me the excuse to work less and talk more. An amalgamation of all these makes me a confused urban Indian with inherent contradictions.

Thankfully more posts will not be about me but about everything else in life but it is important for me to provide a basic introduction so you know where I'm coming from. 


  1. Great seeing your Br Ifte, You are really a hero.
    Ramadhan Mubarak

  2. Don't think there's anyone who can love Calcutta more than this guy. Remarkable !!!
    Good luck buddy with this blog which was long pending :)

  3. Looking forward to some interesting kissey-kahaaniyan.

  4. looking forward to next week's post! Ramadan Mubarak!

  5. I remember your interesting work from a letter you once wrote to me.
    Can you tell me any thing about DATA Baba Mazar near science City on Topsia Road East?
    I have recently moved near it and am full of curiosity about the mazar and the bungalow on the lake in front of it.
    Sajni Mukherji